Everything I do is grounded around heightening your awareness.
I stumbled across civil engineering at 16 and have never looked back. After learning about work ethic in college I went on to complete a bachelors in Civil Engineering (Hons) and received a scholarship to complete my masters, also in Civil Engineering. 
That is where the journey begins!
Explore each page, they each demonstrate a different stage in my journey!

"My top two passions are: empowering people then young people. I believe there is power in who you know, who you are and what you know. In that order!"

Georgia Thompson
I started this journey in December 2016 after partaking in a 8 week leadership course with Mark Faithful. After that I enrolled in the John Maxwell Team and became certified as a trainer, speaker and coach in August 2017. Since then I have organised 3 networking events, an inclusion panel, a 6 week leadership course and had the pleasure of coaching 6 inspiring individuals. 
I have, had the opportunity to attend a number of events such as the address at Chatham House by Stacey Abrams in March 2019 and I spoke at the ODI Summit on data and diversity in November 2018.
I am co-founder of D-vers-ty, that strives to create a sustainable and truly inclusive environment for those working in engineering and technology industries
Just as I encourage others to invest in themselves and follow their hearts, I myself am committed to doing the same. 

There's power in partnership 

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Established in 2017. Virginia's Thoughts. 

Georgia Thompson