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Established in 2017. Virginia's Thoughts. 

Georgia Thompson


New Age Networking

Why Networking? Why New Age Networking?

New Age Networking is a unique twist on the classic networking event, with a mixture of performances, speaking and games, it's a new genre. We as a generation require both a mixture of inspiration and information to thrive. There is plenty of time to network in a friendly relaxed environment, nobody will leave as they come.

New Age Networking is a direct response to the social media era, we have forgotten how to interact face-to-face, we have forgotten how to go out and create our own opportunties, wealth and success. Our two running themes in Virginia's Thoughts are #InvestInYourself & #SurroundYourselfWithSuccess both executed and embedded in everything we do. We don't just put you in a room with people but we also input something new into your mindset and hopefully someone new into your life. 

Each event is crafted with the same format, doors open from 6pm, this is to allow people to travel straight to the venue from work. The venue always provides food, drinks, cocktails and mocktails to suit anybody's taste. Join us when you can. By 7:30 the first wave of inspiration begins and so far they have never failed to impress. 

We will have a celebration event at the end of the year and all our successes!


Melvin, Nov 2017

I loved it, was not expecting that, but I want more exposure

Obi, Nov 2017

Tonight was an awesome night

Gillian, Nov 2017

Such a wonderful event. You're honestly such a good host and speaker