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Established in 2017. Virginia's Thoughts. 

Georgia Thompson


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Fear will stop you before failure ever will!

All people are capable of great things, many people think of great things and a very small number of people achieve great things. To me the next obvious question is 'what are great things?'. But of course this is subjective.

But what stops your friends, your family and yourself from achieving those great things?

Fear, Fear, Fear and Fear again!

A lot of the time we are are fearful of achieving great things and it often displays itself in many different ways. Thinking of a great idea is easy, everyone thinks of great ideas that can literally transform life as we know it. Then that little voice creeps in, either criticising the idea, poking holes in it or simply saying if it was that easy somebody would have thought of it by now. But why can you not be that person? It is entirely possible for you to be the bearer of a fantastic idea, you are smart enough, intelligent enough and great enough to fulfil it.

Trust me but more importantly trust yourself!

Be aware of your thoughts, understand how they are affecting you and your decisions. Those inside voices ARE the most important factor in your life. HOW are you feeding them? WHAT are you feeding them? Daily affirmations? Spiritual Prayers? Books you're reading? Music you're listening to?

Feed your soul as well as your mind. If I can believe in you and I don't even know you, why can't you believe in you?

Have you ever noticed at times it is easier to believe in others rather than yourself? It is that we can see the potential in others that we refuse to see in ourselves.

I think fear mainly shows up as lack of self-confidence in ourselves and our abilities. If you really believed you had the capability to fulfil your every dream and desire, believed you deserved to fulfil your every dream and desire, you would. That is too easy though isn't it.

Everyone can say believe in yourself but what does that even mean? How do you believe in yourself? There is only one way I know of and that is by surprising yourself. I always wanted to put on a networking event for months, years even but I just didn't. No reason for it but I just didn't have the courage to do so until I did, then I did again and again! I now know that I can whenever I want. I've done it three times already and I can do it again BUT life will throw everything at you to really test that belief, so much so that you begin to doubt yourself. Doubt does not allow you to reach your potential, you may achieve great things but imagine what you could achieve with the absence of doubt. After the first one I thought it was just because my friends were supporting me then the second one I was thinking how will I sustain this.

Then the third event it snowed, SNOW, SNOW on the 28th February, a day before the month of spring. Something I could never of prepared for and guess what happened. People still showed up! What I was doing had impact, something worth going through the weather to travel for. I was always doubting myself from the first event when I thought no one would show up, instead I got 50+ guests! What annoys me is that, imagine how many more people I could have empowered if I didn't doubt myself! I would have been put in more effort, more energy, more desire.

This post isn't about how to overcome fear but more for the acknowledgement of what fear does to you and how it shows up in your life. Heighten your self-awareness to understand that sometimes its just because you are scared of what you could achieve.

What is FEAR?

'An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm' or 'be afraid of (someone or something) likely to be dangerous, painful or harmful'. Why is the future or the idea of your success causing you harm? Most probably because you know that your capabilities are more than you can ever imagine, so much so you don't know how to deal with it, so you run away. That needs to stop, today. Embrace everything that you are and everything you are capable of. It is your destiny.

The issue is, we fail before we even start. We are too scared to start which causes us to fail. Failure is just another chance to intelligently start again, it is a lesson, a teaching of a way not to do it again. 100 failures are a blessing, 100 lessons are a blessing, 100 teachings are a blessing. Embrace failure as a positive and you will never fail in life again.

I am no different to anyone else, my own idea of success and my capabilities scare me so much so I would rather be in a cocoon, than go out and do what is called of my heart. I am forever holding back, but what I do, is take a step closer to my dreams everyday. No matter how small of a step, I do something everyday to get closer to that dream of mine, to make it no longer a dream but a reality. It's scary do not get me wrong and some days I am not strong and I want to give up but I dig deep and remember, this isn't about what I want to do, it is about what I am meant to do. Either that or I skip a day and do it the day after. 2 steps forward is two steps forward, no matter when they're taken.

How can I be fearful of something I have never experienced?

How can you dislike something you've never done or tasted.

Whatever it is you are fearful of doing, do it. You can be scared afterwards ;).

Face Everything And Rise.