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I told my engineering journey so far to the teachers first before the students!

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

A few months ago I got the chance to speak at a teach meet at Aureus School in Didcot. I was very nervous, excited, anxious and happy all at the same time. I practiced and practiced and practised some more, not that it mattered. Most of the things I said, I didn't say in my rehearsals.

I was last as I sat through everybody else's amazing presentations and experiments of STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts & Maths) feeling very timid that I ONLY had a story to tell BUT it turns out that I was just using the stealer of joy (comparison) to make myself feel nervous. When it was my time to share, I became my alter ego, who doesn't takes no for an answer and claims a stage.

It turned out the school was BUILT by the company I work for!

And the headteacher also used to work for a federation of schools where I went to college just a few minutes from my home. By the end of the talk, I was overwhelmed with happiness than I could influence the very educators teaching our future. It also made me realise that

The focus should be on the teachers, not the students

The focus is always on the students but if the teachers aren't educated on engineering and STEM topics, how can you expect them to give our students the correct direction or advice.

I never got any advice about engineering and if it weren't for my aunty suggesting it I would have not ended up in a career which I LOVE.

I sometimes hear stories of career advisers and teachers recommending careers such as a mechanic and not mechanical engineering. Do not get me wrong about being a mechanic but all career choices should be on offer not what teachers think are best. Teachers and educators are human like anyone else, they can only advise on what they know. It is the responsibility of those in careers such as mine to educate them and give them opportunities to invite us in to educate their students.

It is a relationship that must be formed between the educators and the professionals

It is very rare to have a mixture of educators and those in the corporate environment unless you are intentional about it. The relationship must be mutual and pure from either end to make it profitable for the students.

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