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Interview After Interview After Interview

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Interviews are a crucial part of the job hunting process but also one of the most difficult. During the process we have numerous questions such as; What is the best way to prepare for interviews? How do I ensure that I secure the job for my dream role? How do I know that the job and the company I’m interviewing for is right for me?

The reality is, that there are no straightforward right or wrong answers to the above questions. The truth is, securing the job for your dream role is to by some degree based on factors which are beyond your control. For example, the number of positions that are available for the job, the level of experience that the company is looking for, whether the company believes that you are a good fit for their team “culture” and there could be an unlimited amount of other reasons to!

However; these are a few tips which I learned and found that helped me during the gruelling job hunting process:

Always prepare and show your passion for the role and the company

I can not stress how important it is to research the company and the role that you have applied for. During the interview process, hiring managers are assessing how interested you are in the company. They want to know that you can view yourself working for their company and that you have a genuine interest in the role that they are offering.

Ensure that you have questions to ask the hiring managers

During my interview experience, I found that by asking interviewers questions it was a good way to find out more about the company and the role. For example, questions such as what are the main challenges facing the department or company? This allowed me to understand how the department functions and the challenges I could potentially face by joining the organisation. Interviews are a two-way conversation so it’s important never to say no at the end of the interview when the hiring manager asks, Do, you have any questions? In most instances, it’s the questions that you ask at the end of the interview which ensures that you get the job. Why? This is because the questions you ask reveal to the hiring manager how interested you are in the company and whether you can ask questions which show that you’re an individual that can think outside the box.

Always ask for feedback

In today’s job market some companies are reluctant to give you feedback after interviewing with them. In some instances, I found that I had to constantly sometimes chase up with companies for feedback even after completing their two- or sometimes three-stage interview process. Its important to keep following up after an interview for feedback. This is important because you can use the feedback that you have gained to do better in the next interview.

Apply your faith and keep a positive attitude

I must be honest with you looking for jobs is not fun and sometimes it can get very discouraging, especially if you believe that you have given it your all at every interview that you attend. Make sure that you keep a positive attitude if you don’t get an offer from a company, its probably because that company may not have been right for you. Sometimes rejections can be a blessing in disguise. Think about it for every NO that you receive. You get closer to a YES.

The most important of all DO NOT GIVE UP

Let’s face it there are many 20 somethings that are looking for jobs and we live in a very competitive world. The resilience and determination that you apply during your job hunting process are what makes the difference. Make sure that you have people around you that can encourage you for the times when you feel down and help you to keep things in perspective. In everything that I have learnt about looking for jobs, this tip was the most important for me. This is because as you go through the processes you find that you get better at interviews.

At some point, these tips which I have mentioned above will become automatic and the most important element which will make the biggest difference is your ability to keep going even when it seems that nothing is working out don’t worry about the number of interviews you are going to focus on the end goal and trust me you’ll get the job that you want in the end.

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