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Updated: Oct 26, 2019

This is just a brief overview of what I think networking entails, just a few things I've picked up along the way, feel free to agree.

It is easy to think that everyone knows what networking is right? Throw everyone is a room and that is it!

No, just no. A lot of networking organisers believe that this is true but unless people are speaking to people they do not know then it is not networking.

The google definition of networking is:

‘Connect as or operate with a network’ or ‘interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts’

BINGO! (a game I like to play at my networking events btw)


There is no point being at a networking event if you are not interacting and exchanging information especially when you are paying for it. You pay for an experience not to hire the hall, it’s called value for money!

"Building your network should be one of your priorities, they say your network is your net worth"

That means if the people you are interacting with and speaking with have no job, no ambition and no dreams, guess what, you will be exactly the same, BUT if your network have high income jobs, side businesses and goals that amaze you, you will be exactly the same.

Do not underestimate the power of influence.

Networking does not necessarily have to be done at ‘networking events’, it is possible to network effectively any place any time, whether that is at a birthday party/club (believe it or not) or even on your lunch in a coffee shop. Meeting like minded individuals is essential to your growth which is always a good thing. Trust me. Position yourself in a position where you can meet people who benefit you professionally or personally. This means actively searching for events that align with your future goals because that is exactly what they people going are doing. This increases your chances of meeting people who have similar values and goals as yourself.

People sometimes get offended when I ask them ‘how can you benefit me?’ I don’t mean it in a rude way I genuinely want to know. I could literally enjoy your company that is a benefit or you can help me grow my business that is a benefit, the best combination is both but always be careful. They say don’t mix business with pleasure.

Side Note: Who ‘they’ are, I do not know but I always like to bare those statements in mind, they often sound like ‘they’ come from experience, anyway i digress.

If you are just lingering around in my life adding nothing to me then what is the point? You aren’t feeding me (shout out to Dave tho, but in all seriousness) that stagnant (please google the definition, as I did when I tried to spell it, the definition really adds zest to the meaning) energy can never be positive, you need to keep that as far away from me as possible. In my outer circle, outside my gate, you know like not in my house. Trying to paint a picture, you know those neighbours you say hello to have a chat about nothing then keep it moving, yeah that.

Imagine everyone within your circle having a great positive energy and effect on you, understand that will only improve you. That will only make you a better person. I don’t personally think you can have too much of positive energy.

Networking allows for opportunities to open up, through that exchange of information. ‘They’ say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

If you have made it this far, I literally just clapped for you. Thank you This has been my first post, on to better and bigger things, meaning this is the worst it can get so if you like this then hopefully you will like the rest.

Next Post: "How to network effectively“
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